Children's Ministry

Our children’s ministry has grown exponentially in the last few months, thanks in part to new leadership.  Under the direction of Elizabeth and her husband, Gerhard, children from low-income communities around the Phoenix Dream Center are afforded the chance to learn about Jesus.

“The children have captured our hearts for sure,” Elizabeth says. “Many of the kids come up to us Sunday mornings offering hugs and sweet greetings after only knowing us a short time. They are full of love and eager to learn about the sure and steady love God has for them.

“Our goal is that our children will have a heart that is good ground to receive the Word. We hope it would become their compass and guide them all the days of their lives. We want to help them understand who Jesus is and what His desire for their lives means.

“Many of the kids who attend come alone or with their siblings. Most live in economically-challenged homes and they love gifts. Things most would take for granted, they cherish. Things like cute sparkling notebooks and mechanical pencils. We see children come alive when they get nail art or a little clear lip gloss as an incentive for hard work or good behavior. The boys love matchbox cars, whoopee cushions, Captain America notebooks, and just fun toys from the Dollar Tree. Their faces light right up.

“We are new to the children’s ministry and would appreciate your prayers. In addition, our most immediate need is for incentives... pencils, small toys, stickers, markers, puzzles, really anything that can be used to encourage these beautiful souls.”

Do you have a heart to sow seeds of God's love into these young hearts? You are welcome to drop off supplies at the Phoenix Dream Center (please mark them “Children’s Ministry”) or you can donate below and choose "Children's Ministry" from the drop down menu.