Wish List

Outreach Ministry
Outreach is the heart of the Church on the Street ministry. We go all over to bring God's word to others. At our outreaches, we strive to provide food, clothing and sometimes toys as well to the homeless and families. The outreaches could use your help! If you have any clothing, hot dogs, ketchup, mustard, bibles, christian bible tracts, toys, or anything else you might be able to help with it would be greatly appreciated.... for more information on the needs of the Outreach Ministry, contact Pastor Robert @ (602) 518-8287

Education Department
The Education Department is a vital part of the discipleship training process. The men and women in the discipleship program are given a bible-based curriculum to follow, and are required homework on a weekly basis. This department could use Bibles, concordances, binders, pens, pencils & pencil sharpeners, paper, colored paper, notebooks, highlighters, staples, paperclips, and any other items that could help.... for more information on the needs of the Education Department, contact Pastor Bill @ (602) 465-6776

Music Ministry
The music ministry consists of many different items that are needed. We provide the praise & worship at all of our services and some classes, and at all the outreaches, and everything we have has been donated, and is used a lot. We could also use equipment to help ambitious disciples to learn how to play instruments. We could use microphones, mic stands, music stands, guitars, bass guitars, drums, congos, keyboards, amplifiers, sound equipment (sound board, equalizer, etc.), and instrument cables/cords.... for more information on the needs of the Music Ministry, contact Pastor Robert @ (602) 518-8287

COTS Ministry
This wish list is for the ministry as a whole. The items requested would benefit all of the ministries within. For example, if you have a truck, car or van that you could donate, it would help to get our disciples to the outreaches, to bring the Word to the people who need it. COTS has over 40 outreaches per week, and transportation is a big issue. If you have furniture, appliances, misc. household goods, any misc. items, you can call the office above, and we will arrange to pick it up too! ... for more information on the needs of the ministry, contact Terri @ (602) 257-8918

Spanish Ministries
Spanish Ministries is dedicated to helping the children and families in Mexico. Weekly they go over to Mexico and take food, clothing, toys, household goods and more to the families that simply cannot afford it. There is an orphanage with children who would have nothing, if not for the dedication of the Pastor's and staff in Inglesia En La Calle. They could use clothing, food, household goods and toys. A real "wish" they have is for an airplane to go back and forth to help the children! ... for more information on the needs of Iglesia en la Calle, contact Eleazar @ (602) 718-7532