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MILESTONES Call (602) 346-8746
A stepping stone to success in life with Christ

OBJECTIVE: A marker set up to indicate the distance from or toward a given point, an event or moment; an occasion in life that marks where something changed an individual

MISSION: To live the Gospel by serving with the love of Christ

VALUES: We exist to serve homeless, low-income and struggling individuals and familes by providing resources, opportunities and supportive services to help them realize their dream of living a self-sufficient life.

BACKGROUND: In 2009, a group of COTS leaders came together to hammer out the Milestones. After meeting for a year, the Milestones were developed. Many people have been helped... ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD!

STRUCTURE: Due to the economic downturn, Milestones was developed with the intention to be totally self-sufficient, to rely only on the Lord to provide. In October of 2011, Milestones partnered with the USDA to help provide low-income and no-income families with information on SNAP Benefits available through the Department of Economic Services (DES). Volunteers only staff this strategic planning and resource center.

MANDATE: Milestones will strive to serve all those who call upon us for assistance. We will help where we can with the resources the Lord has provided. If we cannot be of direct assist, we will make referrals to those agencies who operate within their realm of services.