Discipleship Training

Church on the Street offers an intense, 15-month Discipleship Training Program, called a “christian boot camp” by many. Our program provides a multi-layered approach to life restoration with God, and our relationship with Him, as the central focus. The departments that comprise “Church on the Street” provide the framework for the reshaping of lives and our ministries provide for the practical application of the lessons learned, together giving a proper balance of theory and practice with which disciples may grow. Many who come here are out of prison, the streets or situations that have, for one reason or another, led them to make choices that affected their lives in a negative way. Here in Christian Discipleship at our Dream Center location, we provide a safe and nurturing environment with which the seeds sown at our outreaches may begin to take root and grow by watering from the Source (Hebrews 5:9). Discipleship may be divided into three broad categories: Phase 1, 2, and 3. Each has an increasing number of rights and responsibilities attached with them. As a disciple progresses, greater responsibilities are given which teach the disciple teamwork, leadership, reliance on God, obedience and submission to authority, all as cornerstones upon which a renewed life may be built in serving God and all humanity. Discipleship is not, however, a “one-size-fits-all” cookbook approach to rehabilitation. All disciples progress at their own individual rates, our program takes this into account and ensures reasonable measures to meet all needs. “Church on the Street: is also not a homeless shelter or “rehab center” but a place of healing and fellowship with the Body of Christ.

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Once you complete all paperwork, you can fax it to (602) 495-1430, or mail to
3210 Grand Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85017

Phase 1 -6 month commitment-
Disciples in Phase 1 wake up at 4am, M-F and attend devotions and classes throughout the day. There are classes, bible studies, and church services during the evening. Saturday wakeup is at 5:30am and Sunday is 6am. The weekends are dedicated to outreaches and various work duties. There are also church services both Saturday and Sunday. Disciples are given a study curriculum to follow, including weekly memory verses. Disciples are not allowed phones, computers or TV. Radios, iPod’s and MP3’s are allowed with only Christian related stations.

Phase 2 -6 month commitment-
Phase 2 is an intermediate phase, and disciples need to apply for entry into this phase. The application will be reviewed by a committee, where leadership will review their phase 1 activities. There is a bible study M-F at 5am, and the remainder of the day is to be dedicated to working in their chosen ministry here on property. There are a few evening classes, and church services as well. Wake up is 4:30am M-F, and 6am Saturday and Sunday. Phase 2 is a time to “give back” for what they’ve received in Phase 1. Those in Phase 2 should strive to be an example and mentor to the newer Phase 1 disciples. At this phase, disciples follow an independent study curriculum, with memory verses. Cell phones are allowed, however, personal computers and TV’s are still prohibited during this phase. Disciples are allowed to work outside of the ministry after 3 months, in order to successfully transition from the discipleship once their commitment is finished.

Phase 2 Extended
Phase 2 extended is intended to assist the disciples with some additional time to transition from the discipleship training program. The disciples continue working in order to establish things needed, such as a residence, bank account, etc. While in Phase 2 Extended, the Phase 2 rules, wakeup times and classes are still required, as well as the mandatory church services.

Phase 3 -1 year-
Phase 3 is for disciples that will be entering into full time ministry work and does not have any set assignments since each case will be different. When applying for Phase 3, you must show that you are actively involved in a ministry here at the church, and prove to have good behavior and habits. It is also at this stage that exceptional disciples may become full-time staff for Church on the Street. There are not required classes for this phase, however, all church services, for all residents of Church on the Street, are mandatory. Phase 3 disciples follow independent studies as well.